Welcome to the Asheville Astrolodge!

Yvonne Haarsma, Your host and spiritual guide
Yvonne Haarsma, Your host and spiritual guide

Stay two days and nights, in the quiet surrounding of our home, which is situated on almost an acre lot full of trees and greens a few minutes walk from downtown Asheville. You would think you were in the country side! 

During these days you will be learning about yourself, by having your in depth karmic astrological chart made, which explains your past lives and the reason for this one.

Our town, Asheville with its vibrant street music  and lovely architecture is eager to show you its artistic expression wherever you go. While strolling through its cozy streets, you can admire our local fashion and jewelry as well as the most original artwork you might have seen yet.

Discover our Blue Ridge Mountains with its waterfalls, where there are hikes for everyone. If you prefer to take your mountain bike, there are many trails to choose from.

Choose one of our organic and/or culinary restaurants and enjoy your meal on a terrace. Get to know our beer, we are number 1 beer city in the USA. 

If you prefer to have a snack in your room, we are located less than 5 minutes walking from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods., where delicious ready made meals are waiting for you.

Your host,