About Me

My name is Yvonne.  For most of my life I lived in Europe, with the majority of that time spent in Brussels. Since 1998 I have shared my time between the US and Belgium.  I have helped many people in both countries to find their goals in life,  which has been my passion for 30 years. As part of my practice I am always happy to answer the question that everyone asks:IMG_0393“WHY  DID  THIS  HAPPEN  TO ME?                                                            “My specialty is Karmic Astrology, I can see the overall pattern of your past lives in your astrological chart. This enables me to help you understand the reason for this life as well as the lessons you are here to learn. This understanding facilitates your making the best possible choices in order to realize your destiny.

From all my years of experience I have learned that if we are able to accept and love ourselves, we are then able to truly love another. Over these years I have helped many  men and women understand the truth of who they are, supporting them in becoming  more self- assured.

It is very exciting to get in touch with your deeper self and to see how this process facilitates your becoming more true to that self.