I had an amazing reading with Yvonne in 2015. She explained things to me that put some of my current life situations into context. I am reminded of these insights on almost a daily basis and it has given me a lot of courage and comfort to move forward with these helpful understandings. Yvonne is truly a gifted “vessel” that is here in service. Peter. B


Feb/18  2016  I already knew that Yvonne’s work had a lot of value. It makes you understand certain difficulties in life; it gives another perspective and it makes you more resilient in life. I asked her to make the astrological chart of my newborn child (in Dutch) and I am really pleased with the result. It gives me some insight in his psychological injuries and his potential. Of course we have to experience it ourselves, but I think it’s important to recognize patterns as soon as possible.  A big thank you Yvonne! Charlotte H ________________________________________________________________________

I saw Yvonne  in September 2011 and  asked her to look into my past by making my karmic astrological chart and was stunned by her insights. Over and over again, as she spoke of my lessons I was here to learn in this life, and why, I felt “Bulls eye”.            She compared our lives to continuous learning in order to evolve and grow. That the problems of so many people come from sticking to old habits that are not relevant anymore and need to make place for new ones. Also that we should listen to our inner voice,  which guides us at all times. On a mental level I was totally skeptical – coming from a lifelong career in the business world. But on a gut level I had the feeling that her words were true. After that reading I have made many changes in my life, and today I feel that I am living much more in alignment with my true self. Yvonne’s impact has been enormous. She is truly a rare talent, with amazing gifts.                  James B.        __________________________________________________________________________

September 2015   For several years I have been looking for the right person to explain  my astrological chart because I wanted to find the roots of my past. Yvonne has an incredible life force and an ability to connect you to your karmic journey. This experience has truly strengthened me personally. I feel stronger, focused and confident in in myself. It is stillness and clarity I hadn’t experienced yet and I will forever hold on to it.  Thank you Yvonne.               Emma.B                              ___________________________________________________________________________

Asheville 10/23/2015   I recently had a reading with Yvonne. I had no idea what to expect, but was looking forward to the experience. After we spent an hour or so talking about things like what the yin and yang / opposites meant to me, the concept of reincarnation, the idea that there are no coincidences and more, we then spent another hour reviewing my personal chart, in detail. Yvonne takes the time to ensure that you are going to understand the meaning of your chart reading before jumping into it. Her reading is designed to help you better understand why certain things happen and continue to happen to you and to take that information and use it to help you to live a more fulfilled life. She does not “predict” what will happen, she simply acts as a guide. It was a great experience and I often reflect back on what I learned during this experience. I often, find myself saying things like, “Ok, now I understand why this is happening.” Things make a bit more sense now. Yvonne makes you comfortable and encourages you to ask questions along the way. Her reading gave me unexpected insight and I left feeling that I had gained invaluable knowledge about my past and how it could affect my future.              Liisa A                                                                                                                     __________________________________________________________________________

 When I met Yvonne several years ago, I can say, at that time, I was a basket case. My life was turned upside-down and all I felt was sadness, anxiety, loneliness and despair.
She looked at my astrological chart and explained with simple words, words I was able to understand, why it was so difficult to be me. We became friends and little by little without telling me what to do, she made me understand what went wrong in my life….and why.
Was all that true?  I asked myself that question over and over, but she explained to me that what ever she said had to feel right to me.
It did feel right and and I decided to trust her.
After making correction after correction, adjustments after adjustments, several years later I discovered a life that was totally new to me.
I saw the blue sky and replaced my previous feelings by happiness, friendship, love, freedom and welcomed my new life, which is much easier to live.
Thank you Yvonne for giving me a second chance.                 John. G


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