What is Karmic Astrology?


“WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?” can be answered in this way:

Don’t we all want to be happy and do what we are intended to do? Our job should not be a drag; it should be our passion. I can help you  find that passion and guide you into new areas that are waiting for you.

I can help you understand the reason for this life as well as the lessons you are here to learn. This understanding facilitates your choices in order to reach the destiny you chose.

I can see  the general tendency  of your past lives and see where you might have gotten stuck with certain habits and thought patterns that are not useful today.

Or to see why you created  specific relationship problems that are still haunting you.

I help parents by explaining to them which path their child has chosen in this lifetime, which  makes it easier for them to guide their children.

I speak about the laws of nature and why we reincarnate, and help you to better understand the unknown.

I can explain why you have certain habits or fears that are difficult to live with. Once we understand where they come from, we can start the process of change and feel happier.

It is very exciting to get in touch with your deeper self and to see how this process and understanding facilitates choices you might make to become more true to that self.